About Us

Who We Are?

CATSO is a global platform for the youth where students can expose to opportunities to fill the colors in your dreams. It is a connecting link between youth and various sectors. We are working since 2000 in CANADA & USA as a bridge between numerous organizations and the youngsters so as to boost their career. It is the largest platform for exploring the correct option in your life whether it is your higher studies in your nation or abroad. We believe that success can be achieved when you get a correct opportunity in the correct time.

What We Do?

We nurture underrepresented artists in their creative development. We provide mentoring, exhibiting, promoting, and publishing opportunities.

We are a bridge from the margins to the mainstream and a catalyst for individual change. We empower artists to use their creative talent to change their lives.
We give a platform for artists who face significant barriers to accessing the arts. We bring new art to new audiences. We’re unique in the breadth of people we work with and the depth in how we work with them.

What Others Say About Us

Our Core Values

  • Artistic excellence
  • Uncompromising access to opportunities
  • Empowering people to achieve positive change
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion in arts
  • Learning through evaluation/reflection
  • Professionalism